Instructions for Discharging Treated Groundwater and Conditions of Permit

  1. The discharge being permitted must be part of a groundwater remediation or protection plan approved by the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. Evidence of such approval must be attached to the application.

  2. The results of the initial water quality analysis must be attached to the application.
  3. The results of all future water analysis of the discharge shall be provided to the Commissioner on a timely basis.
  4. The discharge shall be accurately metered at the applicant's expense and the volume of discharge reported to the Commissioner no less than once every ninety days. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to provide this information. Access to the meter for inspection or reading shall be provided to the City Water Department at reasonable hours when requested.
  5. The following fees shall be paid and are the responsibility of the property owner
    1. Groundwater Discharge Connection fee: $100.00. This fee shall be paid prior to any discharge and shall entitle the applicant to discharge up to 500 cubic feet (3,740 gallons) to the sanitary or combined sewer through an existing connection at the project site. If a new sewer connection is required, that connection shall be made and paid for as a regular sewer connection. Any charges made for a new sewer connection shall be in addition to this fee.
    2. For treated groundwater discharged in excess of 500 cubic feet (3,740 gallons): $0.01 per gallon to cover administrative, sewer collection, and treatment costs. Collection on delinquent charges shall be as per water and sewer bills.
  6. An approved permit shall become effective on the date of the installation of the water meter. Discharge is not allowed prior to the installation of the meter. Applicant shall notify the Department of Public Works (DPW) within one working day of the installation of the meter and provide the DPW with the initial meter reading.
  7. Upon completion, the date of termination of the discharge and the final meter reading shall be provided to the DPW within 10 days of termination of the project.