Hydrant Use Policy

In order to provide more adequate control and proper safeguard of the City of Rutland water system, the following policy is adopted:

Except for hydrant use by the Fire Department in fighting fires or fire training, all use of fire hydrants in the City of Rutland shall require prior approval and issuance of a hydrant use permit.

The Department of Public Works may issue permits and shall be responsible for installing and disconnecting meter assemblies. Meter assemblies are equipped with valves for flow regulation. Hydrant valves shall only be operated by authorized City employees.

The applicant shall be responsible for supplying all necessary hose(s) and protecting the hydrant and meter from damage.

Due to the risk of vandalism, all hydrants shall be shut down and the meter retrieved by the City prior to the close of business on each day of use. Applicants should plan to complete use no later than 3:00 P.M. to allow ample time for retrieval/shutdown during working hours. Overtime hours necessitated by the applicant's failure to complete use during normal working hours may result in additional charges.

If a hydrant connection is required for an extended period of time, the meter may be left in place once the applicant has proven to the City that the meter is protected and secure from vandalism and tampering (e.g. lock box, on site security etc.). $350.00 shall be charged to the applicant should a meter be damaged or stolen.

The fee schedule is $40.00 per connection day with a $100.00 minimum charge plus payment for the amount of water used per 100 cubic feet at the current billing rate.