State and Statewide Incentives & Programs


Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA)

VEDA partners with Vermont banks to provide low interest rate loans that help eligible Vermont entrepreneurs, manufacturers, small businesses, and agricultural enterprises, to reach business goals, create jobs, and enhance the vitality of Vermont’s economy. Conventional VEDA financing, combined with commercial lending, should be considered and applied for, in conjunction with a WCEDP loan. Click here for more information or call (802) 828.5627.

Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI)

The State of Vermont offers incentives to encourage business recruitment, growth, and expansion through the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive program (VEGI). The VEGI program can provide a performance-based cash incentive, based on incremental tax revenue resulting from prospective job and payroll creation and capital investment that is beyond organic growth and which occurs because of the incentive. Click here for more information or contact Fred Kenney, Executive Director or call (802) 828.5256.

Vermont Training Program (VTP)

The VTP partners with employers and training providers to train Vermont's employees for the jobs of tomorrow. VTP provides performance-based workforce grants for pre-employment training and training for new hires and incumbent workers. Training can either be on-site or through a training provider/vendor. Grants may cover up to 50% of the training cost. Click here for more information or contact Beth Demers, VTP Director or call 828.1175.


Community Capital of Vermont (CCVT)

Community Capital of Vermont helps small businesses and lower income entrepreneurs prosper through the provision of flexible business financing. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $100,000 and can be used for business start-up or growth and expansion. CCVT specializes in providing loans to business owners who lack collateral and or credit history to qualify for traditional bank loans. Click here for more information or call (802) 476.0167.

Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF)

The purpose of the Fund is to increase the development and deployment of cost-effective and environmentally sustainable electric power resources – primarily with respect to renewable energy resources, and the use of combined heat and power technologies – in Vermont. The CEDF received $5 million in funding through the MOU between the State of Vermont and Entergy VY. Over half of that funding ($2.6 million) is dedicated to Windham County. Click here for more information please contact Andrew Perchlik or call (802) 828.4017.

Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF)

VCLF provides loans, grants and supporting services for affordable housing, local businesses, child care providers and community organizations. Click here for more information.

Vermont Department of Labor (DOL)

The Vermont Department of Labor assists employers with job creation, retention and recruitment, coordinates the education and training of the workforce, ensures safe work environments, administers support and reemployment assistance to workers who suffer a job loss or workplace injury, and provides labor market information and analysis. Click here for more information on DOL programs.

Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC)

VMEC offers a variety of services and workshops with a goal to help Vermont manufacturers achieve sustainable and profitable growth through innovation, increased productivity, improved manufacturing and business processes and the adoption of advanced "Next Generation Manufacturing" business practices and attributes. Click here for more information or call (802) 728.1432.

Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Center (VT PTAC)

VT PTAC is part of a network of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers throughout the US that share one common goal: to provides businesses with an understanding of the requirements of government contracting and the know-how to obtain and successfully perform federal, state, and local contracts. Click here for more information.

Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC)

VtSBDC provides no-cost business advising and low-cost training to all Vermont entrepreneurs starting or growing their own businesses. From start-up planning to loan package development to long term growth strategies and everything in-between. VtSBDC offers support through a variety of programs and partnerships with other state and federal agencies. Click here for more information.

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund was created to accelerate the development of Vermont’s green economy. VSJF provides early stage grant funding, technical assistance, and loans to entrepreneurs, businesses, farmers, networks and others interested in developing jobs and markets in the green economy. Click here for more information or call (802) 828.1260.

Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Fund (WLEF)

The goals of the WLEF are to stimulate a concerted economic development effort on behalf of Vermont’s agriculture and forest product sectors by systematically advancing entrepreneurism, business development, and job creation; attract new generation of entrepreneurs to VT farm, food system, forest and value-added chain by facilitating more affordable access to the working landscape and increase the amount of state investment in working lands enterprises. Grants are made annually depending on appropriations. Click here for more information.

Fresh Tracks Capital

Fresh Tracks Capital is an early-stage venture fund for entrepreneur in the fields of software, hardware, telecommunications, media, business information, business systems or biotechnology.